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TGCAHQ Now Belongs to an 8-State Collaborative of State Associations for Healthcare Quality!!

February 19, 2024 7:03 PM | Anonymous

Sharing knowledge on quality and patient safety is paramount for healthcare providers as it fosters continuous learning, innovation, and ultimately, improved outcomes for patients. By sharing best practices, lessons learned, and successful strategies, providers can collectively elevate the standard of care and address common challenges more effectively. TGCAHQ believes this collaborative approach not only enhances individual organizations' performance but also contributes to the broader advancement of healthcare quality on a regional or even national scale. 

By being part of a multistate collaborative we can amplify the impact of this knowledge-sharing endeavor, providing association members with access to a diverse network of peers, resources, and expertise. Through collaboration across state lines, members can gain valuable insights, benchmark their performance against regional trends, and leverage collective intelligence to drive meaningful change in their respective healthcare systems. In essence, participation in a multistate collaborative empowers association members to be active contributors to a larger movement towards excellence in quality and patient safety, benefiting both their own organizations and the broader healthcare community.

In addition to knowledge collaboration, our eight states are pooling their membership financial resources together and sharing their continuing education webinars. By leveraging our collective membership dues, the collaborative can offer a broader range of educational programs and resources, covering topics ranging from quality improvement methodologies to patient safety best practices. This collaborative model not only demonstrates the commitment of the participating states to support ongoing learning and growth among healthcare providers but also underscores the power of collaboration in advancing healthcare quality and patient safety across borders.

Each of the eight states have committed to providing at least 4 NAHQ accredited live webinars, totaling 32 CE earning opportunities per year.  In 2023, NAHQ tightened the recertification requirements to 56 CEs within 2 years, with at least 8 being NAHQ accredited.  Our members will now have access to more than enough opportunities to satisfy their recertification requirements.  In the spirit of our collaboration, each state association is also allowing our members access to “member discounts” for conferences and review courses.  

TGCAHQ invites you to get more value for your membership than ever before by joining with us as we collaborate together with our friends in Florida, Oregon/Washington, Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina and the New England States.  Go to our events page to see when the next Collaborative event is schedule and register today!


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