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PSQH - Preventing Failure to Rescue (ON DEMAND)

  • December 31, 2024
  • 11:30 PM (EST)


(ON DEMAND, disregard date/time, link below, Complimentary free, no CE)
Preventing Failure to Rescue
This is an available ON DEMAND webinar, disregard the date/time.  Follow link below to register.  

Failure to rescue is a well-established issue impacting patient safety and healthcare quality. It occurs when there is a failure or delay in recognizing and responding to in-hospital patient complications or change in patient status, leading to death. In this August 29th webinar, Dr. Kathleen Mau, Senior Director of Nursing Education at Cleveland Clinic, will discuss causes of failure to rescue, barriers to timely recognition and intervention for early signs of deterioration, and an enhanced early-warning system that alerts nurses to subtle changes in patient conditions and supports patient assessment, contextual evaluation of clinical data, provider notification, interdisciplinary collaboration and timely intervention.  

Dr. Kathleen Mau
Senior Director of Nursing Education at Cleveland Clinic

This webinar is a free ON DEMAND webinar offered by PSHQ.  

Note:  No CEs are offered for this, but the information is valuable!

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